The Shawn Ronin mystery series

Disgraced physicist Shawn Ronin needs to keep solving problems.

After his ivory tower life comes crashing down around him, Shawn’s compulsion to find hidden answers drives him to become a private investigator. Unfortunately, the career change doesn’t end up straightening out his messy life or even net him much extra money. Instead, it just shines a light on how much more complicated human problems can be than anything found in a lab.

What could turn a former physics professor to the life of solving mysteries? Come find out in the new series that’s been called “well written and funny to boot”. It’s not rocket science, but that would actually be child’s-play for Shawn compared to everything he finds himself up against. Can he pass all the tests thrown at him?

Hidden Variables – Book 1

The First Five-Eighths – Book 2

Perfect Twelve – Book 3

Margin of Error – Book 4

No More Sunshine – The Stardust City Mystery Series

A classic detective story, in space.

Welcome to Stardust City, the central capital space station for sector 519 of the Harmonious Coalition Confederation. It’s three million souls spanning seven races from six neighbouring worlds living under the strict technological limit edicts of the Grand Council.

Exeter is Stardust City’s lone private investigator. An ex-HCC military storm trooper and SCPD cop with a highly illegal AI named Tink in his head, he’s a man just trying to make a living and a difference, one case at a time.

When the wife of a local businessman comes into his office with suspicions that she is being cheated on, it sounds like a story Exeter’s heard a hundred times. Because no matter what frontier humanity is pushing, their same problems come along. And they’re universal.

Making things more difficult than they need to be, Exeter finds himself contending with a variety of thugs sent his way by an alien mob boss. The tip he’d relayed that had led to a major tech bust was supposed to be untraceable. So, alongside catching his cheater, he also needs to find the leak in his network and end the threat.

On a space station city floating in the literal middle of nowhere there isn’t anywhere to hide from your problems. Exeter must face them all head-on. The deeper he digs, the more he uncovers how small their artificial world can be, and that the consequences of looking for the truth are far deadlier than he could have predicted.

Murder Around the Corner – Cozy Mystery Novella

Could you solve a murder if you had to bring your kid along?

Being a stay-at-home dad is boring. Dan Westerby is a smart guy going stir-crazy stuck at home with his kids. There is always something one of them needs, and neither can keep up an interesting conversation. When Dan decides that going to the gym again will provide him with the regular escape he needs, he ends up running into more than he expected.

With his small town’s gym owner dead and the police convinced it was an accident, Dan decides he needs to investigate. It’s not like he has anything better to do. But is there something nefarious going on, or does Dan need the distraction so badly that he’s imagining it? Either way, Dan soon realizes that trying to solve a murder requires a lot of heavy lifting. It’s not as straightforward as you see on TV, especially when you have a toddler in tow.

Is there really a case to crack, and can Dan do it between tantrums, errands, and trips to the playground?

Can this stay-at-home detective solve the mystery that’s right around the corner?

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